You can join the Lisburn School of Music just for fun

Have you ever found yourself envious of people with a great singing voice, or wished that you too could pick up a guitar and start playing a few tunes? Well you’re certainly not alone and at the Lisburn School of music many people turn up not so much with wishes to become a superstar, but just to develop a talent that they can enjoy for themselves.

Most of us love to sing, but it might take a few drinks for some of us to pick up the microphone as we are self-aware that we don’t exactly have the voice of an angel. With some lessons though we can improve upon our skills, whether it is singing or playing an instrument, so we come to have the confidence to sing or play whenever the fancy takes us.



Help from the Professionals

Although the team doesn’t expect you to take your musical aspirations too seriously, the Lisburn School of Music is still staffed by trained professionals that will help you to reach your potential. Depending on which programmes you choose to follow the emphasis can be more on fun than serious training, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to learn anything.

The staff and tutors that help to run the school have helped people of all ages to hone their skills to the point where they have launched a career in the music industry and some have even gone on to be quite famous. With a team that has such fine music teaching credentials, you know that you are in safe hands.

You Might Even Surprise Yourself

Among those that do join the school with no serious intention of treating it as anything more than a bit of fun, some do end going further than they thought they would. Some people underestimate the talent that they have and with guidance from a professional tutor, they reach a level that many professionals would be proud of.

Some students even join a band for fun only to find that the band becomes more successful than they had anticipated and are asked to perform on stages larger and more illustrious than pub gigs. Some of those that joined the school for fun have even found themselves with a dilemma of whether or not to pursue a promising career in music, or to continue with the career they already have. Some are actually encouraged to give up their day job, a situation that the vast majority of hopefuls dream of finding themselves in.

Classes at a Time that Suits You

People have jobs to go to, kids to look after, chores to be done, lives to live. The London School of Music is well aware of this and tries to offer lessons and classes at times that best suit you. School holidays are also taken into account and some classes are even held during the school holidays so that you can take the kids with you, or even as just a way to get the kids out from under your feet for a couple of hours.

No matter what your requirements or expectations, attending the Lisburn School of Music can be fun and fulfilling for yourself, your friends and for the family. You might even find that you embark on an unexpected journey within the music industry.