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Many of us go through periods when we begin to think of a career change. Perhaps we want more money, or something more glamorous or interesting. Sometimes location might be an issue. Whatever the reason, some people do go ahead with the change but many more do not. People are often held back from making a change because change can be a daunting thing. Many people don’t like to leave their comfort zone.

Reviving Dreams

The Lisburn School of music often comes across people that are taking the plunge. Looking to change their career. While also looking to rekindle some old dreams. Fairly often the school sees people that have become somewhat disillusioned with their careers come through its doors looking for something new.

Vocals tutor Mary Jenkins explained: “People of all ages come to us hoping that we can unlock a talent. Help them to realise their potential”. “Unfortunately, many don’t have much ability to work with, but some are really very talented indeed”. She added, “One gentleman joined us feeling disenchanted with his job as a chartered accountant. He went on to be an opera singer in Italy and around the world”.


The Latest Recruit

The music school’s newest student hoping to switch to a career in the music industry is 28 years old Maggy. She currently works as a London escort. Like so many other aspiring stars, Maggy found that the reality of having to pay the bills meant that dreams had to be shelved. For Maggy though, putting her dreams aside was only temporary, as seems to be the case for many other London escorts that Maggy knows.

“Some of my friends signed up at are very talented indeed”, Maggy said. “One friend of mine is a mean guitar player. I’m trying to encourage her to come here as well, I hope she does”. “Personally, I never really let go of the dream of making it as a singer even when I did have to get a job”, Maggy added. “You will always find me singing when I am the shower and maybe one day I can swap the shower head for a real microphone.”

Genuine Career Opportunities

Although the chances of making it as a superstar are slim at best, that is just the pinnacle of what is a very large industry. Jobs are available to able musicians at a wide range of businesses and institutions, meaning that there are more opportunities of making it as a musician or vocalist than might first seem apparent.

Even if somebody doesn’t make it as a musician directly then there are still numerous related positions available. Instruments need to be handled and cared for, equipment needs to be purchased and set up, arrangements and bookings need to be made… and so on.

A Lot of Work Ahead

Although feeling positive, Maggy knows that there is a lot of work ahead if she is going to make it as a musician. “A London escort’s day can be a very long day indeed, but bills must be paid,” said Maggy. “I know that I’m in for a lot of hard work and at times I will be feeling very tired. I hope to persevere and hopefully one day it will all be worth it.

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